Technical Name Near-field Testing Technology Applied in PI/SI/EMI Integrated Analysis for System Circuit
Project Operator National University of Kaohsiung
Project Host 吳松茂
The technical achievements are mainly based on SiP system level packaging and system circuit signal integration (SI) and power integration (PI) feature optimization and feature measurement verification for the purpose of technological development, integrating system circuit contact measurement technology (such as: Scattering parameters or time-domain measurements performed by connectors or probes), non-contact measurement technologies (such as magnetic or electric field near-field measurements), combined with simulation and system integration design technical processes, developing electromagnetic interference, power and signal integration The design and analysis technology of system circuit characteristics such as static dissipation path is optimized to provide intuitive and effective high-quality signal integration (SI) and power system integration (PI) solutions for system circuits.
Scientific Breakthrough
1. Double-sided point needle direct calibration measurement technology: There is no direct double-sided point needle contact measurement technology in the world at present. The technical difficulty lies in the double-sided calibration jig with broadband and impedance matching, stable point needle and trial system The pin holder system of the microcircuit has been completed by Fangzhan and has patent protection.
2. Development and application of near-field measurement technology in the verification of system circuit characteristics: integration of a double-sided pin-point contact system in the near-field system, introduction of time/frequency domain signal source and receiving display system
Industrial Applicability
Research and development has brought vast benefits to future development and industrial applications:
1. Results and benefits spread to the entire supply chain of the semiconductor industry. There is a substantial industrial-academic cooperation relationship, and the use of developed technologies to help solve problems.
2. To assist in the research and development of laws and regulations of government units and the development and planning of key technologies of financial corporations.
3. Deepen technical cooperation, become a key partner in research and development, assist in establishing measurement technology and analytical energy, and continue to inject equipment funds to continue technical development.
Keyword Double-side Calibration and probing Near-Field measurement Simultaneous Switching Noise ElectroMagnetic Radiation Static-charge Dissipation Time-Frequency Measurement Signal Integrated Power Integrated System Circuit Measurement Electromagnetic Shielding Material
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