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Technical Description The light source proposed by this patented technology is completely different from the strong white light illuminators on the market that suppress melatonin; light with low frequency changes will induce the increase of the brain's slow wave activity intensity (θ wave and δ wave) and enter slow wave sleep ( SWS); and does not affect people's melatonin secretion and changes in circadian rhythm, thereby changing people's sleep habits and sleep quality, and improving the user's mental state, concentration, and work efficiency. It can reduce the proportion of blue light in the same color spectrum, and can maintain an accurate spectrum; reducing blue light can avoid the inhibition of melatonin.
Scientific Breakthrough • Different from the methods on the market that inhibit the secretion of human melatonin, this paper proposes a dynamic light source that can construct slow waves together with brain waves.
• Special dynamic light source formula induces brain waves to produce sleep drive.
• Help customers with various needs to sleep at any time.
• There is an academic basis to prove the effect of sleep aid (this experiment was approved by the National Taiwan University Behavior and Social Science Research Ethics Committee. The case number: 201802FM029.), the number of meals and experiments totaled to 100 people, and their sleep aid was verified effect.
• Reduce the proportion of blue light by metamerism, and maintain accurate frequency spectrum.
Industrial Applicability For the increasing demand for the sleep market, this technology solves the following two things: (1) non-invasive way to help sleep; (2) to improve work efficiency. Through Low frequency dynamic CCT lighting, the Induce brain slow wave activity becomes stronger, effectively helping to enter deep sleep, so that workers can get a better mental state. Suitable for home, office, and any environment in the city, providing a quick way to fall asleep.