Technical Name Intelligent Sunlight OLED Lighting
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 周卓煇
The OLED lighting system has a wide range of light color adjustability, based on its light-emitting band and light color, combined with the control system can automatically adjust the color temperature and brightness with time. This technology is an intelligent lighting source with high added value.
Scientific Breakthrough
Our patented natural light OLED sub-panel light mixing technology emits the mixed light of natural light color, far superior to other technologies. In addition, applying the color conversion technology of the recent patent application, only high color temperature sources are needed to emit light colors from sunrise to sunset, which is much better than the present technology.
Industrial Applicability
Intelligent sunlight OLED lighting automatically emits color that is suitable for daytime work, and nighttime rest. For astronauts who have long worked in the International Space Station, this intelligent sunlight OLED lighting technology can help maintain  rhythms. Residents at high latitudes do not have to face diseases such as endocrine disorders and depression caused by winter nights.
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