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  • Illumination and Technology of Color Reducibility Underwater
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  • National Cheng Kung University
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  • 張奇珍
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Technical Description The observation of objects underwater, the performance of color rendering is an important factor in underwater research. The current lighting technology focuses on using white light to get the color of the target object by close-up, it is affected by the spectral weakness characteristics, resulting in negative phenomena.
We were committed to the visual color reproduction underwater, enhance visual clarity and color detail performance, so that underwater objects in the visual observation and water photography showed the actual color contrast and color gradation. The combination of laser lighting, LED Color Mixed Lighting technology, light color compensation algorithm and real-time feedback laser ranging technology can enhance characteristics of AUV intelligent color compensation LED lighting system. it presents the actual color of the objects and underwater environment. The technology enhanced the quality of underwater photography and increased the ability of underwater vehicle.
Scientific Breakthrough We developed intelligent color compensation LED lighting system with lightweight LED lamps to replace heavy traditional lamps, and developed underwater laser lighting with LED multi-color light source to compensate for color loss underwater. Therefore, AUV in the deep sea can increase the observation distance and obtain high color images so that improving the quality of underwater images, increase the color visual ability of AUV. This design has international technical competitiveness, and it is practical products.
Industrial Applicability The benefits of this research at the social level are driven the underwater and marine industries. Through the process of realizing the emphasis technologies and hardware required development for underwater unmanned vehicle systems with artificial intelligence, the energy of Taiwan's research and development in the international marine science and technology industry engineering is accumulated. The economic benefits are to gradually establish the localization and domestic demand of marine instruments and vehicles, and to break away from the fate of relying on imports. Related technologies can also be extended to the yachting industry, sightseeing submarines, military submarine technology.