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  • 類太陽光智慧節律OLED照明
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  • National Tsing Hua University
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  • 電子&光電 Electronics & Optoelectronics
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  • 陳銘澤
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  • cav2692110916@gmail.com
Technical Description The pseudo-sunlight intelligent rhythm OLED lighting combines lab patents \"BrightnessColor Temperature Tunable Light SourceIts Use\", \"Intelligent Light Source\", \"Human-friendly Light sourceIts Use\"\"Natural Light Sub-panel Color Mixing Technology\". We use OLED lighting panels with different color temperature. Through voltagecurrent control, the color temperature can be changed from 1,500 K to 6,500 K. Besides, we use computer program, time controllerWi-Fi enabling user to remotely controlautomatically control of color temperaturebrightness over time.
Scientific Breakthrough \"Our team has published the first “pseudo-sunlight OLED” with tunable color temperature in human history in 2009. By using the innovative \"pseudo-natural light sub-pan el color mixing technology\" in our laboratory, the color temperature of the lighting can be lower to 1,500 K.The light color (color temperature)brightness of this type of pseudo-sunlight OLED can be controlled separately.This is the first in the history of human electricity consumption to use a single device to produce a light color that completely covers the sunlight.\"
Industrial Applicability Illumination light colorbrightness have a major functional impact on the human body's biological clockcircadian rhythm. The pseudo-sunlight intelligent rhythm OLED lighting device developed by our team has a light color change that almost coincides with the sun’s change trajectory, which can make indoor lighting environment suitable for day work, suitable for home use at night. In addition to being used for general home lighting, this lighting device will also be extended to the international space stationall wards in the future.