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  • The modular underwater lighting equipment
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  • National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology
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  • 范育誠
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Technical Description In terms of environmental conditions and material selection, this product uses aluminum alloy as the main structure of the lamp. Highly transparent materials are used as the lamp shade. Tempered glass has the ability to resist seawater corrosion and is stronger than ordinary glass. The product is designed as a hollow cylinder, and the middle channel will use the direct contact between the fins and the sea water to introduce the high heat generated by the LED into the sea water to cool and obtain stable lighting efficiency. The product component includes an outer cover made of a light-transmitting material and surrounding an accommodating space, an inner frame, and a plurality of light source modules. The inner frame includes at least one main frame body arranged in the accommodating space of the outer shell, and a plurality of heat sink arranged on the main frame body. The light source module is detachably disposed on the heat sink, and is located in this space.
Scientific Breakthrough Modular underwater lighting equipment integrates the advantages of energy-saving technology and modular design, improve the popularity of fishery lamps with low energy consumption and high color rendering LED modules. The heat dissipation of the equipment through the water flow can make the lighting equipment showed a higher luminous efficiency under water. The modular design has highly replaceable, and the lamp illumination, luminous wavelength, and light shape can be quickly adjusted according to environmental requirements. This product integrates fisheries, electromechanical and optical technologies, which is conducive to the development of the touch light net fishery and cross-industry applications.
Industrial Applicability Underwater LED lights develop modular designs according to the needs of the fishery and marine industries, and develop energy-saving and high-efficiency lighting equipment through phototaxis and optical design principles. This topic is about improving energy efficiency, cultivating industrial talents, assisting industrial transformation, and ecological conservation through industry-academia collaboration. Modular underwater lighting equipment is dedicated to the development of Taiwan's marine technology through scientific research, and assists industrial upgrading and synchronized with the world with an industry-academic cooperation model.