Technical Name 水下雷射材質辨識方法於離岸風電塔柱健康檢測
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 沈聖智
Laser material recognition technologyintelligent color compensation lighting system, with AUV to realize the function of underwater rust detectionimage color restoration, real-time acquisition of rust information through spectral analysisdisplay of true rust color on the image, so that the algorithm can be accurate Determine the health of the cylinder. The vehicle will establish the health information of the wind turbine to help the inspector make the best maintenance strategymaintain the power generation efficiency of the wind turbine in the best condition.
Scientific Breakthrough
Part of the laser spectrum is absorbed through the rusted area,the spectrum is unevenly distributed. The degree of rust can be distinguished after analyzing the spectrum. The multi-color LED light source is used for taking pictures to give the required detection brightnesscolor compensation,the color difference is quantified to determine the color reproduction degree, than the compensation power is adjusted. The establishment of a dataimage detection system can effectively grasp the health status of the fanformulate a complete maintenance strategy.
Industrial Applicability
In offshore wind farms, the integration of laser material identification technologycolor compensation lighting technology can effectively checkmanage the corrosion health of the entire wind farm. This technology can be used in underwater biological identification, object explorationother activities in the future to enhance the ability to recognize underwater environments to obtain the original colors of underwater objects, bring greater benefits in the application of marine engineering,improve the green energy industry The added value.
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Keyword underwater lighting white laser lighting material identification LED lamps autonomous underwater vehicle spectral compensation analysis offshore wind power health check rust detection image processing
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