Technical Name 測溫式側流免疫分析法和檢測儀
Project Operator Academia Sinica
Project Host 張煥正
We have developed a low-costportable reader for thermometric lateral flow immunoassay (TLFIA) using colloidal goldlatex beads as reportersa continuous-wave green laser as the heating source.  Instead of using infrared cameras, a single-element infrared sensor is employed for temperature sensing without compromising the sensitivity of the reader.  The thermometric assay provides a 10× higher sensitivity than color visualizationthe results are sufficiently quantitative to support decision making in point-of-care testing for infectious diseases (such as COVID-19).
Scientific Breakthrough
"1. Demonstrate that the quantification accuracy of lateral flow immunoassay is sufficient to support medical decision-making in POCTtelemedicine.
2. Develop a low-cost portable TLFIA reader, consisting of a low-power lasera focused single-element infrared sensor as the key components, to realize telemedicine at the level of biochemical detection. 
3. Employ an infrared sensor to detect thermal radiation, instead of a charge-coupled device to detect reflected visible light, outperforming similar POCT systems developed by international manufacturers."
Industrial Applicability
"Practicalpotential applications that have been identified for this invention include
1. Personal health care at home
2. Rapid epidemic detectiontelemedicine in medical institutions
3. Reagent developmentanalysis by academicR&D units
4. Fooddrug examination by government agencies
5. Product developmentmanagement by in vitro diagnostics (IVD) companies

According to the report of MarketsandMarkets™, the lateral flow assays market is projected to reach USD 10.2 billion by 2025 from USD 8.2 billion in 2020 at a CAGR of 4.5 during the forecast period."
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Keyword COVID-19 gold nanoparticles in vitro diagnostic device lateral flow immunoassay latex beads point-of-care testing precision medicine rapid screening telemedicine thermometry
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