Technical Name The ONE: COVID-19 antibodies ultramicro-quantitative rapid test platform
Project Operator National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Project Host 柯正浩
Current antibody tests employ physical qualitative methods.. Spectral analysis is already widely used in medical research and healthcare testing, including in trace chemistry, biochemical and immune analysis, due to the accuracy, specificity and effectiveness of biochemical spectroscopy. From samples to results can be completed within 15 minutes, and the data will be uploaded to the cloud database . This breakthrough technology is highly valued by FDA.
Using Spectrochip’s innovative miniature spectrometer optical chips, The ONE uses the entire spectrum (350-1100nm) to scan antibody rapid-testing strips. The high-specificity and high-sensitivity ultra-micro COVID-19 IgG/IgM antibody analysis platform is portable and produces quick, simple results. In addition, the micro-quantization of clinical limit standards enables health authorities to standardize response measures for specific periods or regions as epidemics develop.
Scientific Breakthrough
1. Innovation: The core technology of "spectrochip" lies in the miniaturization of traditional large-scale spectrometers into SD cards.
2. Unique: The only one quantitative rapid tests for COVID-19 antibodies in the world.
3. Portable: The whole machine is about 30cm*20cm*12cm, easy to move.
4. Mass production: The technology has reached the maturity of mass production.
5. Quick: It only takes 15 minutes for the results to be detected.
6. Accuracy: The ultramicro-quantitative results of the spectrometer.
7. Immediacy: The results can be uploaded to the cloud via APP, and can be connected to the government epidemic prevention system.
Industrial Applicability
1. A large scale ultramicro-quantitative antibodies rapid tests for COVID-19.
2. Antibodies Rapid tests for COVID-19 with minimum time and medical resources.
3. Establishing quantitative criteria for coVID-19 antibodies rapid tests as a reference for immunization passports or open border policies
4. Original Taiwanese technology with global market potential.
Keyword spectrochip spectrometer COVID-19 COVID-19 rapid test SpectroChip Inc. reflectance spectrum precision medicine eHealth serological assays lateral flow immunoassay
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