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  • 兼具高容量能源儲存及碳中和應用之全固態鈉二氧化碳電池
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  • National Taiwan University
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  • 先進材料&綠能
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  • 劉如熹
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  • rsliu@ntu.edu.tw
Technical Description The present invention relates to a solid sodium carbon dioxide battery, which can utilize carbon dioxide gascan chargedischarge at room temperature. This solid carbon dioxide battery is composed of a positive electrode, a negative electrode,an inorganic solid electrolyte sheet. In order to improve the contact between the electrodethe inorganic solid electrolyte sheet, a positive/negative interface layer can also be introduced.
Scientific Breakthrough This technology is to construct an all-solid-state sodium-carbon dioxide battery with high-capacity energy storagecarbon neutralization applications. The solid sodium carbon dioxide battery of this technology can be chargeddischarged at room temperature,its discharge capacity can be as high as 28,830 mA h g-1. Under the conditions of a current density of 100 mA g-1a cut-off capacity of 500 mAh g-1, it can be cycled stably 105 times. The all-solid-state sodium carbon dioxide battery of this technology is the first in the world.
Industrial Applicability Sodium carbon dioxide has attracted attention because of its high specific capacityits cheaper than lithium sources. At the same time, the sodium carbon dioxide battery uses CO2 as the cathode material, which improves the economics of CO2 capture on the one hand,reduces the accumulation of CO2 on the other hand. In addition, about 95 of the atmospheric environment of Mars is CO2. The sodium-carbon dioxide all-solid-state battery of this technology will have the potential for industrial application in energy storage, carbon neutralization,Mars exploration in the future.