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  • Green Energy Technology Joint Research and Development Program
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  • National Taiwan University / Prof. Wei-Fang Su; Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Yung-Ruei Chang; Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan/Chun-Liang Chang, Associate Engineer; National Taiwan University of Science and Technology/ Bing Joe Hwang, National Chair Professor,
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  • Smart machinerynovel materials
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  • 翁國鈞
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  • gjueng@most.gov.tw
Technical Description 1. Toward All Slot-Die Fabricated High Efficiency Large Area Perovskite Solar Cell Using Rapid Near Infrared Heating in Ambient Air2. Fault Current Indicator3. Plasma Sprayed Metal-supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cell4. Sulfide-based Solid-state Lithium-ion Battery with High Capacity and Safety
Scientific Breakthrough 1. We are the first group in the world to be able to fabricate large area perovskite solar cell using automated once through equipment of slot-die and NIR with novel solution formulations in ambient environment.2. The permalloy CT is used to harvest energy from distribution feeders or laterals to provide power supply for FCI and charge super-capacitor. The super-capacitor supports the system load when the power grid fails.3. INER’s large size (10x10 cm2) MS-SOFC products can be operated under low temperature as low as 550oC. The power output at 0.7 V of large size MS-SOFC products can achieve 350, 690 and 780 mW/cm2 at 550, 600 and 700oC, respectively.
Industrial Applicability 1. We have demonstrate an automated once through slot-die coating machine to fabricate large area perovskite solar cell. The established technology can be also used to the fabrication of other electronic devices such as light emitting diode, transistor, capacitor, etc., especially in the flexible electronics.2. The technology is integrated with power manufacturers and information technology for the predictive maintenance management of distribution facilities. The developed FCI enables fault locating and reduces outage durations of distribution systems.