Technical Name Solid Lithium Ion Batteryits composited structure on electric vehicle
Project Operator National Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 王復民
This technology is based on the development of a composite solid-state electrolyte with high ionic conductivityelectrochemical high oxidation resistance. It is mainly composed of inorganic substances such as sulfides/oxides,is matched with high flexibilityhigh viscosity polysilicon which can greatly reduce the interface resistance. A composite stacking, network bridging solid electrolyte structure carrier that can be formed from oxane organics can improve the energy density of the whole battery (400 Wh/kg).
Scientific Breakthrough
In order to improve the energy density of the overall full cell (400 Wh/kg), this project also develops layered excess lithium with high gram capacitance (250 mAh/g)high operating voltage (5 V) spinel It is a cathode material without cobalt content such as stone,is equipped with a newly designed micron-scale lithium powder material with high safety. The above-mentioned electrode active materials will be integrated into the basis of commercially feasible high-energy-density batteries through reasonable electrode process design.
Industrial Applicability
The all-solid-state lithium-ion battery technology of the composite structure design can be used in power tools, electric vehiclesenergy storage products. According to the results, the energy density of the overall full battery can reach 400 Wh/kg. This project also develops a layered excess lithium cathode material with high operating voltagehigh gram capacity (250 mAh/g),is integrated with a newly designed micron-scale lithium powder anode material with high safety to be commercially viable. High Energy Density Battery Basics.
Keyword Composited electrode Composited solid electrolyte Sulfide solid electrolyte Polysiloxane solid electrolyte Lithium powder High energy density battery Battery management system Artificial Intelligence High voltage Li-rich layered material Electric vehicle
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