Technical Name High energyHigh safety all-solid-state Lithium metal battery
Project Operator National Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 吳溪煌
In this project, on the electrolyte side, for breakthroughs in heterogeneous interfaces, the sulfide solid electrolyte has been selected to combine with polymers. On the cathode side, the new wet atomic layer deposition technic has been developed to stabilize the cathode/electrolyte interface in composite sulfide cathode. At the same time, the high voltage tolerance composite halide cathode has been developed, too. On the anode side, a two-dimensional metal framework has been developed to introduce the growth of lithiumenhance performance. Finally, integrated with the above technologies to realize all-solid-state lithium metal batteries with high safetyhigh energy density
Scientific Breakthrough
In this project, the 8mS/cm high ionic conductivity sulfide-based all-solid-state electrolyte has been developed. Further, the polymercomposite sulfide film has been synthesized which is thickness  50umion conductivity  1mS/cm. On the cathode side, the composite sulfide cathode was developed via a new wet atomic layer depositionthe high voltage tolerance composite halide cathode has been developed, too. On the anode side, the composite anode with a two-dimensional metal/covalent organic framework interface layer has been built to introduce lithium deposition. Finally, the large-scale high energyhigh-safety all-solid-state lithium metal battery have been realized by integrating the advanced technique.
Industrial Applicability
In response to the government's 2050 zero-emission policy, the all-solid-state lithium metal battery has been developed with a 400 Wh/kg high energy density in this project, which is 1.5 times higher than the mainstream 21700 lithium-ion battery. In addition, the use of non-flammable sulfide-based all-solid-state electrolytes as the main electrolyte provides high safety. Suitable for use in transportation vehicles, wearable electronic devices, smart grids and, large-scale energy storage devices, with great market potentialgreen energy economic benefits.
Keyword All-solid-state Li-metal battery Interfacial reactions Polymer electrolyte Sulfide solid-state electrolyte Theoretical calculation Wet-Atomic layer deposition Nirich layered oxide compounds Halide composite positive electrode sulfide composite positive electrode Lithium protective layer
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