Technical Name Air quality index (AQI) gas sensor service platform
Project Operator Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology;National Cheng Kung University;National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology
Project Host 邱裕中教授/王俊凱教授;方冠榮教授/蔡淑儀副研究員;薛丁仁教授
The optical detection device is fabricated based on the nitrogen dioxide absorbs the wavelength of light from 400nm to 550nm. The detection range, resolution and sensitivity are related to design of light path. The light signals can be received by the photodetector convert to concentrations of nitrogen dioxide which transfer to computer or mobile immediately.;The all-solid sulfur dioxide gas sensor developed by SSID team. The key technology is the special functionality of solid electrolyte and electrode materials, and then the layer material sequentially patterned design and planning. It can be used in high temperature and highly corrosive exhaust gas environment to achieve real-time monitoring of pollution emissions.;The 6'~8'MEMS technology service platform of TSRI was used to develop
Scientific Breakthrough
The device is optical design, and the internal band-pass photodetector and special light-path structure are developed by ourselves. Compared with other benchmark companies, our device is superior to electrochemical products. For example, optical-type device has fast response time, higher detection accuracy, and no consumables are used.;All solid-state electrochemical SO2 gas sensor can be applied to real-time monitoring under high temperature environment, and it has characteristics of good sensitivity, fast response time and good gas selectivity.;Using Taiwanese IC manufacturing technology to fabricate a high sensitivw SO2 and NO2 MEMS gas sensor, and which combined the networking modules to achieve IoT functions.
Industrial Applicability
The optical detection device can supply to government, large enterprise, or special industrial areas for air quality monitoring, even use unmanned flying vehicle for check trace gas in real-time. We can set up more monitoring stations and build the visualization data map.;Sulfur dioxide sensors are also used in many fields in industrial applications, including boiler combustion, freighter transportation, petrochemical and food processing industries, where the sensors are placed in harsh environments (e.g., high temperatures, high pressures, corrosive environments, high spatial velocity of exhausts, etc.).;The developed sensor is based on the strongest IC manufacturing in Taiwan to obtain the ppb level gas sensor chip. It can also integrate mobile devices, such as mobile phones, to achieve 
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