Technical Name 具降懸浮微粒功能的舒適型牙科手機
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 陳永崇
Here, we develop a comfortable dental headpiece with aerosol reduction function as shown in Figure 3. This can not only help reduce the air pollution, but also reduce noisevibration, enabling future dental treatment to be safermore pleasant. Air curtain are traditionally used to contain pollutants in large area, here we used the air curtain technology to contain air pollutants in a small area at the sourceadded negative ions to remove air pollutants within. This technology can also be applied to other handheld tool that emits air pollution.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
Currently used suction tube in dental offices has the disadvantage of being ineffective when not placed within 5 cm from the pollution source. However, placing the suction tube too close to the pollution source may affect the view of the dentist. Here, we are the first to develop a dental handpiece that can not only reduce air pollution but also reduce vibrationnoise generated from the dental handpiece. Preliminary results indicate that the negative ions alone can remove over 70 of PM2.5, better than the current standard method of placing the suction tube 5 cm away from the source.
Industrial Applicability
Dentistsdental technicians are the targeted clients who may be exposed to aerosolscause respiratory-related diseases, so using the comfortable dental handpiece with aerosol reduction function is beneficial for their health. In the future, this invention can be further applied to other workplaces that is troubled by hazardous aerosol. This invention can be mounted on handheld devices (e.g., electrosurgical pencil, welding torch, jewelry polishing tool) to help reduce aerosol concentration.
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