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Technical Description The invention relates to a portable energy conversion air-conditioning device converted through natural medium, which can achieve the effect of energy saving and at the same time reduce the pollution of heat emission. Existing central air conditioning equipment does not take into account the waste heat emitted, and is not friendly to the environment. The existing central air conditioner is integrated in the building, which is not conducive to immediate installation and cannot be applied to mobile equipment such as combination houses and container houses.
The casing of the invention is provided with an air pre-cooled water heat exchanger to reduce the waste heat of the discharged air, and a water evaporator is used to cool the discharged air for a second time, thereby reducing the thermal pollution of the waste heat discharge to the environment. A set is also installed outside the casing The bucket is easy to install.
Scientific Breakthrough It can save energy and reduce heat emission pollution through natural medium conversion, and is easy to install, which can purify the air and improve indoor air quality. If used with air conditioners, it can reduce the urban heat island effect, adjust indoor temperature and humidity, and create a comfortable, healthy, and healthy environment with minimum energy consumption.
Industrial Applicability Achieve energy saving effect, reduce heat emission pollution and reduce urban heat island effect. Easy installation. Can improve indoor air quality. The indoor temperature and humidity can be adjusted to create a comfortable, healthy and healthy environment with the lowest energy consumption.Applicable industries-construction, construction, markets, stores, department stores, exhibition venues, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, restaurants, precision machinery, traditional industries, residential housing, etc. Any indoor environment with high population density can be used.