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  • Building energy conversionventilation device
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Technical Description The present invention relates to a building natural energy conversion ventilation device, which has cleaning indoor and outdoor air, also has air-conditioning cooling heating supplies, which can make the intake air closer to the dew point temperature of the indoor side air after heat exchange, thereby reducing the heat load of the heat source unit, Enhance its operating efficiency, achieve energy saving avoid waste heat emission.
Scientific Breakthrough In this case, the principle of water molecular pressure difference water two-phase energy conversion are used to convert the internal/external heat balance of the building, a large amount of fresh external air is introduced. Technical features: (1) Indoor-outdoor energy conversion device, (2) Indoor dirty air cleaning exhaust mechanism, (3) Fresh air intake mechanism.
Industrial Applicability The market positioning of this case is to prioritize the service industry commercial air-cleaning and natural energy conversion ventilation device market under 200 square meters, especially for clinics, small medium-sized offices, middle primary schools, kindergartens, classrooms gymnasiums, etc., also to undertake new factories customized markets for medium large buildings.