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  • High-efficiency 2 in 1 hydrogen storage fuel cell system
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  • Yuan Ze University
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  • 沈家傑
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  • ccshen@saturn.yzu.edu.tw
Technical Description This work is protected by the patent "Fuel Cell Module with Thermal Feedback Mechanism" [Patent No. I315594]. According to the patent, the fuel cell power generation will generate waste heat, and the waste heat will be applied to the hydrogen storage tank for enhancing its hydrogen desorption reaction. So, we plan to make a small two-in-one fuel cell stack to explore the actual effect of the heat exchange device. The heat exchange method uses a direct conduction method, that is, a heat exchanger is installed between the hydrogen storage tank and the fuel cell. The heat conduction plate is planned to be made of aluminum. Although the thermal conductivity of aluminum is lower than that of copper, the density of aluminum is low. Making the heat conduction plate from aluminum can greatly reduce the weight of the system, and significantly promote the energy conversion efficiency.
Scientific Breakthrough The innovation of the work is to combine the fuel cell with the hydrogen storage tank, and use the waste heat generated by the fuel cell power generation process as the energy source required for the hydrogen storage tank to release hydrogen. The waste heat is directly absorbed by hydrogen tank to optimize the water and thermal management of fuel cell, thereby improving energy efficiency of hydrogen energy system.
Industrial Applicability The patented system has higher hydrogen absorption, effective heat transfer and good temperature management to improve the power generation efficiency and cycle life of the fuel cell. The hydrogen storage tank and fuel cell module can be quickly replaced. The business model of the hydrogen refueling station and hydrogen storage tank distribution would be developed for the establishment of hydrogen economy.