• Technical Name
  • 具壓力調節之自然空調系統
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  • National Chin-Yi University of Technology
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  • 電子&光電 Electronics & Optoelectronics
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  • 江茹憶
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  • w0935677500@yahoo.com.tw
Technical Description Compared with the isolation areathe outdoor environment, the air pressure isolation channel is a positive pressure environment. It can completely avoid that the unsterilizedfiltered air outside the building will not enter the isolation area,perform regional protection to maintain the cleanliness of the indoor environment.
Scientific Breakthrough \"1. The \"positive pressure\"\"negative pressure\" can be adjusted according to the environmental requirements.2. The positive pressure can reach +12Pa (the standard of positive pressure ward is between +8Pa+12Pa)3. The negative pressure can reach -12Pa (the standard of negative pressure ward is between -12Pa-8Pa)4. Maintain more than 30 fresh air changes per hour5. Provide a comfortable indoor temperature 25±0.5°C degrees environment\"
Industrial Applicability \"Applicable industries:1. Construction industry, markets, stores, department stores, exhibition venues, commercial buildings, hospitals, clinics, schools, restaurants, precision machinery, technology plants, traditional industries, collective housing, etc.2. For example, indoor environments with high population density3. Anti-epidemic related places, such as anti-epidemic hotels, etc.4. Especially when it is used for medical treatment in rural areas, it can be quickly built for epidemic prevention purposes,it can also be used as a rural medical station in peacetime.\"