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  • Self-Cooling System of Thermoacoustic Wave Engine
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Technical Description The principle of thermoacoustic engine is thermoacoustic effect. Mechanical energy is generated by the phenomenon of thermoacoustic instability, and sound wave is generated by absorbing the internal energy in the environment. Therefore, thermoacoustic engine has the function of heat engine and cold engine at the same time. Due to the special operation principle, Xie Zhao Yang, the chief of our laboratory, has put forward thermoacoustic all the work done in the engine is positive work. It is a kind of reciprocating energy caused by acoustic vibration, which gives piston thrust and pull.
Thermoacoustic effect is the self oscillation of sound caused by heat, which is basically related to the change of pressure, temperature, displacement and boundary conditions caused by sound wave in gas. In thermoacoustic device, the porous material has the characteristics of large surface area, which is more conducive to the heat exchange with gas, and then generate a larger temperature gradient.
Scientific Breakthrough By introducing the concept of air feedback, the gradient of temperature distribution in the tube is increased to improve the speed and stability of the engine, and the porous material in the tube is replaced, and the quantifiable flat weave is introduced to facilitate the analysis and optimization of the engine design. Through a series of tests and experiments, the balance point between design defects and power is found, so as to achieve the goal of not changing the original tube length best power performance.
Industrial Applicability Due to the unique operation principle and mode of thermoacoustic engine, this technology may be used in green energy power generation and waste heat recovery. By absorbing sunlight or environmental heat source as input heat source, the energy can be output in the way of mechanical energy , so as to realize power generation, engine and other applications. The hot water produced by factories or households can also be recycled in a special design for secondary utilization of energy, So that energy is no longer wasted.