Technical Name 快速檢測磷酸根之離子選擇性感測晶片
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 賴鴻裕
A phosphate-sensing chip was constructed by a copper phosphate-deposited electrode. The modification of ionic liquidplasticizer can improve the selectivity of phosphate anionsreduce the interference of sulfate, nitratechloride anions. The sensing chip equipped with a portable electrochemical device can directly detect the phosphate concentration of solution extracted from soil samples in ten minutes by using amperometry. The sensing chip promises the feasibility of detecting the phosphate concentration without expensive instrumentlabor-intensively chemical colorimetry.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
Generally, orthophosphate anions are detected by ionic chromatography equipped by conductivity detectorchemical colorimetry. Although the chromatography has high selectivity, the cost is expensive. Molybdenum blue colorimetry is based on the formation of molybdenum blue. However, it is influenced by Cr(VI), nitrite, sulfidesilicate. Our technique demonstrates that the massively fabricated PCB electrodes deposited by Cu3(PO4)2modified with the mixture of ionic liquidplasticizer present high selectivity to the detection of phosphate concentration of real sample.
Industrial Applicability
Phosphate detection is an important issue in the fields of soil fertility, environmental water eutrophicationfood safety. Detecting the phosphate in soil can control the fertilizer applicationprevent water eutrophication to achieve sustainable agriculture. In food safety, the excessive addition of phosphate induces hyperphosphatemia, causing calcificationosteoporosis. Especially, if patients with kidney disease eat phosphate-high foods, the mortality will increase. Therefore, the rapid detection of phosphate is important for food safety.
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Keyword Phosphate detection Ion-selective electrode Printed circuit board technique Electrochemical chip On-site detection Portable device Soil fertility Food safety
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