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  • The electrochemical sensor for the quick detection of food freshness
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  • National Chung Hsing University
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Technical Description An electrochemical sensor capable of fast detect bioamine concentration has been developed. The technology, fast production of copper-phosphate electrode, is suitable for the massive production of electrodes. The sensor can be used for the determination of food freshness and feed quality.
Scientific Breakthrough 1.電極製作方便:可直接對印刷電路版製程銅電極或沉積銅之網版印刷碳電極在20 min內快速生成磷酸銅材料。
6.專利保護:本產品已申請專利,在技術know how與專利的保護下,本產品將有最佳之利基點。
Industrial Applicability The copper phosphate electrodes can detect all amino acids and bioamines without chemically labeling procedures or enzymatic catalysis. The electrodes can be integrated with a separation device to perform high selective detection of different analytes. Moreover, the electrodes can be operated in wide pH range, promising the label-free detection of amino acids and bioamines in foods and feeds.