Technical Name Smart medical diagnostic box for veterinarians
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 吳靖宙
A three electrode-type chip constructed by copper printed circuit board (Cu-PCB) electrodes and our lab patent technique was fabricated with high stability and good electrocatalysis. The Cu-PCB chip can be used for the label-free detection of proteins. Fibrinogen used as a biomarker for the diagonsis of acute inflammatory, trauma, infection, malignant disease or pregnant can be obtained from plasma via filtration. We have combined hardware and firmware to develop a self-designed portable electrochemical sensing device for the measurement and signal wireless trasmission via the control of I2C, TX and RX, respectively. Moreover, the measuring signal can be presented on an Android system’s smart phone by using MIT APP Inventor. The self-designed portable electrochemical sensing device and disposable electrodes have a promising potential to construct diagnostic tools for veterinarians for the health management of economic animals like cows or pets.
Scientific Breakthrough
The copper-based printed circuit board electrode is capable of massive production and cost-effective. After surface modification, the electrode can be formed as a highly stable and electrocatalytic electrochemical electrode. The proteins filtrated by a separation tube can be detected by the electrodes with a label-free method in 30 min, which is suitable for the request of on-site detection. Moreover, the single detection is only one third cost smaller than ELISA cost.
Industrial Applicability
This technique has integrated disposable electrodes and mobile devices, then go with a simple filtration-separation technique. It can detect different concentration of the proteins extracted from blood samples. To sum up, this technique is suitable for veterinarians or pet breeders if they need on-site diagnosis for economic animals like cows or companion animals’ health management
Keyword Protein detection separation tube printed circuit board electrode copper-based electrode portable electrochemical device label-free real time detection in cellphone health management microcontrolled unit wireless transmission
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