Technical Name 癌症檢測之磁電化學物聯網傳感系統
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 林幸瑩
The innovative technology is based on the unique biomimetic material, including immunomagnetic nanoparticlesa portable IoT detection device, promoting the detection speed, accuracy,precision of the target molecule. Featuring with the excellent ability of minimizing the non-specific binding, this technology decreases false negative/false positive successfully. The device combines IoTAI module for statisticscalculation on the cloud for building up a magneto-electrochemical IoT sensing system for the integrated isolationprofiling of extracellular vesicles from plasma.
Scientific Breakthrough
The sensing system possessed several innovative breakthroughs. The biomimetic modified materials with high ability of non-specific binding which can react under aqueous solution not only break the limitation of previous problems, but also increase practicalityenvironmental benefits in detection. We identified a panel of biomarkers (EGFR, EpCAM, CD24, GPA33) in circulating EVs that, when combined, showed higher diagnostic accuracy (96) than conventional assays. The combined biomarker profile enabled assigning patients to a high-a low-risk 5-year disease-free survival group.
Industrial Applicability
The platform breaks through the limitation of materials, restrain the problem of non-specific-binding,combined with a IoT device that can quickly match with detection molecules such as antibodiesnucleic acid for facilitating the development of biosensor platforms it owns a wide range of derivative applications for industries like detectionmedical material. We identified a panel of biomarkers in circulating EVsshowed higher diagnostic accuracy (96) than conventional assays.
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Keyword Extracellular vesicles Biosensor Internet of Things Surface modification Cancer diagnosis
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