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  • 老藥新用對抗新型冠狀病毒
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  • Academia Sinica
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  • 精準健康(生技&新藥) Precision Health(Biotech & New Drug Development)
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  • 洪上程
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  • schung@gate.sinica.edu.tw
Technical Description By the help of the High Throughput Core Facility of the Genome Center of the Academia Sinica, potential drugs with activity are screened out,the P3 laboratory conducts the antiviral cell experiment of the drug to accurately determine the effect of inhibiting the virus. In addition, the production process of the antiviral drug \"Remdesivir\" is improved,innovative preparation methods are proposed, which greatly increase the yield of \"Remdesivir\"effectively reduce the manufacturing cost.
Scientific Breakthrough \"1. By examining 2855 FDA approved drugsca. 200 Chinese herbal medicines, five candidates, including mefloquine, nelfinavir,extracts of Ganoderma luciudum (RF3), Perilla frutescensMentha haplocalyx, have been found to inhibit the SARS-CoV-2 infection both in vitroin vivo. 2. A 10-g scale one-pot synthesis via a combination of asynmmetric (S)-P-phosphoramidationprotecting group removal followed by one-step recrystallization gives remdesivir in 70 yield99.3/0.7 d.r. This one-pot process offers an excellent opportunity for industrial production of remdesivir.\"
Industrial Applicability \"1. Drug repurposing provides a new direction for drug application,has the opportunity to be used in the event of a pandemicemergency. Perillamint, which are selected from Chinese herbal medicines, are general foods,may be used as a dietary supplement when used in moderation.2. A 10-g scale synthesis was performedafforded \"Remdesivir\" in 70 yield with a purity of 99.3. A proven method is deliveredfiled a patent for it,the technology is potentially able to be transferred to an API company for mass production in the future.\"