Technical Name 雙重增強表面增強拉曼散射感測器的超靈敏和快速檢測COVID-19 病毒
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University Fan-Gang Tseng Lab
Project Host 曾繁根
PCR, a gold-standard diagnostic method, were labor-intensive, time-consuming,costly, which restricted its application to widespread screening. Herein, this study purposes a one-potnon-washing method to rapidly detect virus by dual-SERS mechanism. COVID Antigens were captured by SERS nanoparticlesnovel SERS substrate simultaneously to achieve 6 order enhancements within 20 minutes. The dual-SERS sensors have reached a detection limit of 1 ng/ml in clinical samples for recognizing nucleocapsid & Spike proteins of COVID-19, which is comparable with PCR results.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
Dual-SERS sensors provide three advantages: 1. It adopts a one-pot reaction process: sample can be loaded to the chip directly without pre-treatment, such as repeated washingdosing, beneficial to operation conveniencespeed.  2. High signal-to-noise ratiosensitivity through SERS enhancement in the nanometer region of reaction.  3. Cost-effective substrate fabrication from matured DVD disk.
Industrial Applicability
The production can easily cooperate with optical disc manufacturers (CMC Magnetics, RITEK Corporation, etc.) in cross-field cooperation, which can not only apply to rapid screening of disease antigens, but also can be used to identify pesticide residues, food additives, etc.  In the biotech. industry, it has been proven that nucleic acid testing cannot completely replace rapid screening of medical materials. This technology provides unique technical status that shows great differences from many other products on the market.
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