Technical Name 磁性二維金屬奈米粒子陣列之表面增強拉曼光譜 (SERS)檢測平台於環境-生醫感測之應用
Project Operator Ming Chi University of Technology
Project Host 劉定宇
A portablemagnetic surface Raman-enhanced scattering (SERS) nanoparticle arrays platform would be developed for magnetic separationSERS detection of environmental, water,biomolecules samples. It is very simplerapid platform with portable Raman spectroscopy to detect samples (bacteria, virous, water toxicants) after magnetic separation processes, without labelling the fluorescence dye,the limit of detection concentration is lower than 10-8 M.
Scientific Breakthrough
The magnetic 2D nanosheets exhibit the magnetic separatingcollecting behaviors. After applied the external magnetic field, it is easy to captureconcentrate the samples (bacteria, virous, water toxicants). Furthermore, SERS effects produced by the noble metallic nanoparticles/2D nanosheets would be used to detect the samples by Raman spectroscopy. The samples of environmental toxicantsbiomolecules can be rapidly differentiated by the sensitivereproducible SERS signals, which can solve the time-consuming for the sample pretreatment.
Industrial Applicability
The magnetic SERS detecting platform can not only magnetically separating environmental toxicantsbiomolecules, but also rapidly detecting them by SERS technique, for example, (1) biomolecules: microbes, antibiotic resistant bacteria, virus (COVID-19), DNA (adenine), -carotene (2) food safetydrugs: copper chlorophyll, narcotic (amphetamine), food toxicants (Aflatoxin B1) (3) water toxicants: malachite green, heavy metal ions detection.
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Keyword 2D nanosheets metallic Nanoparticle Arrays Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Detection Environmental and Water Sensing Biomedical Sensing Magnetic Separation and Capturing
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