Technical Name 教練盒子-羽球擊球動作分析視覺方案
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 易志偉
"Coach Box" ideatechnology are derived from "CoachAI:金準羽球" project of the Ministry of ScienceTechnology "精準運科". The integrated technologies of "Coach Box" including computer vision, deep learning, machine learning, IoT, wearable applications, automation equipment,big data. The expected outcomes of "Coach Box" to show player performancegive expert advice through activities analysis of vision data. Simultaneously, it can be used as a medium for productive communication between coachesstudents.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
"CoachBox" is a portable action analysis teaching assistance systemderived on the "CoachAI:金準羽球" project which is to develop the ability of collectinganalyzing badminton technicaltactical information. In addition, it is developed based on computer vision technology,its breakthrough results including: (A) fast-moving small object tracking, (B) badminton trajectory semantic analysis, (C) 3D posture modelinganalysis, (D) trajectory modelingprediction, (E) integration of intelligent ball machine.
Industrial Applicability
As market positioning of teaching assistants, it can be promoted to personal coaches, summer camps, schoolsteams, etc., providing visualizationdigitization of action, ball qualitycontrol ability etc.,its action evaluation is also useful for medical rehabilitation. The professional comments can be integrated with the social app for creating a cloud learning resume. In the leisure industry, it is combined with serving machines to mimic "realistic intelligent players" for sparring, which can also be used in professional training coursesball ability verification systems.
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Keyword AIoT computer vision deep-learning badminton action analysis expert system smart court
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