Technical Name Next Generation Sporting Experience – Intelligent Badminton Venue Solutions
Project Operator 人工智能數位轉型研究中心
Project Host 王振興
This technology is a world-first "Intelligent Badminton Venue Solutions." By leveraging AIoT, cloud/fog computing, inertial components, etc., we establish: A. Intelligent IoT badminton racket, B. Intelligent Sports Camera System, C. Intelligent Badminton App,D. Intelligent Cloud AI Computing Engine. Combined with deep learning, 3D human pose estimation,other AI technologies
Scientific Breakthrough
The intelligent IoT badminton racket is equipped with a built-in WiFi moduleuses Message Queueing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) as the data transmission protocol. It sends the inertial signals from the racket to the cloud-based AI computing engineutilizes convolutional neural networks for calculating the racket parameters.
Industrial Applicability
This technology lies in integrating IoT-related technologies into the indicators of badminton training processes. It consolidates all the training data into a cloud-based AI computing serverprovides cooperative manufacturers with joint development opportunities under de-identification conditions to complete a comprehensive intelligent badminton venue solution. Currently, we are gradually optimizing the cloud-based AI badminton training service platform towards commercialization.
Keyword Artificial Intelligent Precision Sports Science AIoT, Cloud Computing Fog Computing Intelligent IoT Badminton Racket Automatic Replay of Exciting Sports Moments 3D Human Pose Estimation in Video Motion Assessment Batting Sensation Analysis
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