Technical Name 未來餐廳 - 智能技術體驗場域
Project Operator National Applied Research Laboratories National Center for High-performance Computing
Project Host 郭嘉真
In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants have been closed for maintaining anti-epidemic measures. NCHC combined multiple AI technologiesdeveloped an automated service experience to provide a way for people to still enjoy the services received at restaurants while maintaining social distancing. To achieve this, we've incorporated technologies including the following: NLP in AI, Cloud-Based Smart Point Cloud Processing (CSPCP), method for face searching in images, intelligent video analysisretrieval,artificial intelligence of things (AIoT).
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
"-Building the Chinese NLP system on NCHC's Cloud Render Farm provides a faster processing time, allowing the program to formulate an answer within 0.1 seconds._x000D_
-CSPCP has a world-leading accuracy level of 95,its recognition rate is 100 to 600 times"
Industrial Applicability
An automated virtual service with artificial intelligence built on the cloud not only applies to restaurants but also anywhere that may require services. Now at a time of pandemic, but also a time with innovative technologies, we recreate a location digitally using point cloud with CSPCP for people to visit any location virtually. With the integration of a virtual assistant, visitors will still have the freedom of asking questionsreceive the service needed. We hope to enhance smart living in the future.
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Keyword smart dining artificial intelligence knowledge graph Chinese learning situated learning render farm cloud computing point cloud facial recognition AIoT
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