Technical Name An Intelligent Calories Management System for Buffet Meals
Project Operator Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Project Host 張萬榮
An intelligent calorie management system is proposed, named iBuffet, which is combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of things (IoT) techniques. The iBuffet system can perform calorie intake management for buffet meals. Hence, the iBuffet system can be applied to organizations that have buffet restaurants, such as companies, government agencies, sports player villages. An AI deep learning technology is used to recognize the dishes in the buffet table module.
Moreover, the weight sensor is used to sense the diners take the portion (weight) of the dish each time. The buffet table module can send the information of the diners’ identity (reading the identification (ID) card through the QRcode reader), the captured dishes, and the weight to the cloud management platform through the network, to calculate and store the diners every time. Diners can also view and manage the calorie value of each meal through the mobile app to avoid problems.
Scientific Breakthrough
The "An Intelligent Calories Management System for Buffet Meals" proposed by the team uses edge operation to set up AI embedded system module inside the device for dish identification, AI through the graphical classification algorithm to predict the confidence score, so as to obtain the highest confidence score of the dishes category for identification results, and sense the actual weight of the dish, to obtain more accurate calorie values.
Industrial Applicability
The purpose of this system is to improve the eating health of institutional personnel. By recording daily meal records and management to improve the health of institutional personnel.
Keyword Artificial Intelligence (AI) Edge Computing Meals Recognition Food Calorie Embedded Systems Intake Management Obesity Management Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) Intelligent Systems
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