Technical Name 英文:Intelligent English Learning IoT by Integrating Recognition of Speeches and Objects
Project Operator Cheng Shiu University
Project Host 廖奕雯
Artificial Intelligence (AI) leads our life towards a convenient space. Hence, how to increase the effectiveness of learning by English learning systems has been a challenging issue. To cope with this issue, in this project, we propose an intelligent English learning system that integrates techniques of object recognition, speech recognition, IOT and active English learning to improve the learning quality. Through the proposed system, the elementary students can learning English speaking by real objects. Also, the system will perform a feedback by verifying the student's phonics. Overall, this is a smart English learning system touchable, visual and arousal.
Scientific Breakthrough
In this project, the English learning is performed by recognition of objects and speech, which will not be limited in traditional learning paradigms such as physical book, e_book, vocabulary card and so on. Therefore through the proposed system, the English learning will be interesting and touchable.
Industrial Applicability
The proposed system can be viewed as a teaching aid material, which can be applied to speech learning systems for commercial companies and educational departments.
Keyword English Learning Smart Speaker Speech Recognition Object Recognition Internet of Things E-Book English picture card Learning interest Learning effectiveness Intelligent system
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