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  • 3T-Magic and Technology Integration of Elite Table Tennis Science
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  • National Taiwan University of Sport
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  • 吳昇光
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Technical Description The 3T-Magic Group integrates main science concepts in talent, technology, and tactics in elite table tennis (TT) including talent identification system, itelligent racket, TT tactics analysis system, and sports injury database and system. So far, no integrated system has been developed and applied in international TT sport science field. All of related data collected for elite players help them to win medals in international events.

The combination of TT-specific aerobic test and intelligent racket designed an electrical sensing and transmission module in the hollow space of the billiard grip. The attitude sensing circuit uses a 6-axis sensor, including a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis angular accelerometer. The attitude sensor is acquired and measured, then all sensor data are calibrated to implement Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) algorithm. Many useful data such as heart rate, lactate, power, speed, power decline can be measured and monitored longitudinally.
Scientific Breakthrough A combination of the physiological test and intelligent racket to record the abilities of TT players is essential. We construct the TT-specific aerobic test and design the intelligent racket to measure useful data objectively. The attitude sensing circuit uses a 6-axis sensor, including a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis angular accelerometer. We can collect the data including heart rate, lactate, power, speed during the aerobic test and forehand swing to analyze abilities of players.

We adopt the 3S & 3C principles as the theoretical framework, and combine the three technical elements of TT, which are attack, control and defense in the tactics analysis system. The sports injury database has been developed. Through integration of 4 main fields, the system can be applied in elite TT.
Industrial Applicability 3T Magic group integrates four fields: talent identification, intelligent racket, tactics, and sports injury in elite table tennis (TT). This is a very unique group to combine sports science, sports medicine, sport technology, and sport performance in TT, especially for strong countries in TT. We will promote sports science and TT together. The development of related database and methods can be useful for sport industry and applications.

The patents, trademarks, and TT products are useful for 3T Magic to establish the company within 2 years. We can help players in national and professional teams to improve their weakness, train the TT sport science group, and work with famous international TT companies and ITTF. Thus, the great values of skills and techniques in 3T Magic can be produced.