Technical Name The System of Talent Selection with Athletic Psychology and Training
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 蕭富仁
The system measure the psychological characteristics of athletes from subjective and objective aspects. Through objective computer work, the five abilities of athletes' attention, memory, inhibition control, visual perception, emotional control are measured. Using subjective questionnaires, let athletes assess their competition anxiety, sports imagination, sports satisfaction, emotional assessment and management. Athletes can test all tasks together or for a specific task. Each task can be tested in about 5 to 10 minutes. The complete test takes less than 2 hours to know the athlete's characteristics . After the test, the data is represented by a visual radar chart, so that people can clearly see the performance of the traits. The system will also develop a personalized training form for the tasks that the players need to strengthen, so that the players and coaches can follow, and gradually improve the psychological characteristics of the players.
Scientific Breakthrough
Using objective cognitive tasks and subjective questionnaires to measure the psychological characteristics of players. We have integrated these tasks in one interface, so that users can easily perform measurements. In addition, it recruits students from elementary schools to colleges and universities extensively in the country to participate in the test, obtains data of athletes of different ages, and establishes a database for future users to refer to. You can compare the data of the group with the data of the individual performance to draw a radar chart to let the players know the pros and cons of the homework performance.
Industrial Applicability
The system integrates multiple psychological tasks on one platform, and users can choose specific trait analysis or overall psychological assessment according to their own conditions. Each operation takes only 5-10 minutes to complete, and even the overall assessment will not cost more than 2 hours. After the test, through the comparison and analysis of the big data database, you can get a visual radar chart, which is clear at a glance. And give advice and feedback, and provide customized training lists.
Keyword Athletics trait training big data cognitive function attention memory inhibition control emotion visual perception
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