Technical Name Smart Grip-and-Swing Sensing Bat and Its Analytic System
Project Operator Yuan Ze University
Project Host 施皇嘉
A typical baseball competition relies heavily on defense and offense. Victory is easier to obtain when a pitcher has optimal performance and condition. In other words, if a hitter is able to grasp the physical factors of his own and adjust the gripping to optimal condition, more points can be easily obtained and as well as victory. If the Smart Baseball exhibited in 2019 can improve the defense of a pitches/team, then the Smart Grip-and-Swing Sensing Bat can enhance the offense of the hitter/team. With improvements in both defense and offence, the team will have a higher chance of winning. 

This technology can detect and analyze the sweet spot of ball-bat contact during hitting and extract dynamic temporal features force given to and released from bat during hitting. Also, data such as accurate drop point of the ball on the bat and relative counter force angle, 3D-spacial movement position, ball speed and rotation speed during contact can also be obtained.
Scientific Breakthrough
Traditional baseball training mostly rely on the coach’s experience, which is unable to precisely quantify the physical and mental state of the hitter. The purpose of this technology is to design a system to collect and transfer detected gripping force signals for analysis, and provides an instant feedback on hitting force release and action-time difference. These information can be obtained and viewed in real-time after completing an action, allowing instant display of player’s force-release condition for evaluation and correction.
Industrial Applicability
This technology is linked to the development of relevant industries and has countless business opportunities, such as national training center, sports center, individual players, hitting/gripping-related sports industries, physiotherapy, nutrition, medicine and professional training etc. Being the core technology, it can link and connect relevant industrial cluster through horizontal and vertical integration. Aside from applying to Taiwanese baseball industry, the market of technology can be expanded to other countries such as USA and Japan.
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