Technical Name 創新型之懸浮液分散劑和機制-具降伏強度的流體
Project Operator National Central University
Project Host 曹恆光
The new type of dispersant used in this work is based on the concept of liquid-like-solid,develops a yield stress fluid. Different from the traditional dispersing mechanism (charge stabilizationsteric stabilization), the new dispersant can be used to disperse micron-sized solid particles to maintain a stable suspension state. We solve the problem that traditional dispersants (such as surfactantspolymers) are not suitable for dispersing micron particles.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
The new dispersant uses a yield stress fluid to stably disperse micron-sized solid particles to form a suspension. Through low energy shearing method, the grinding fluid will produce soft particles such as dropletsmicrogels, making the solid particles blockedunable to move to achieve stable dispersion. After natural sedimentationthermal tests, the dispersion effect of this new dispersant is stablegood,the yield stress can be tuned by adjusting the composition ratio.
Industrial Applicability
The new dispersant can be used in the polishing liquid of the semiconductor industryto disperse micron solid particlesmaintain a good suspension effect. In the stability test (sedimentation, heating, centrifugation), the suspension can maintain a long-term uniform dispersion. Adjusting the composition ratio of the new dispersant can be applied to various solid particles it can be reused through high-speed centrifugal separation. This new dispersant is currently applying for patent protectionhas been sent to semiconductor manufacturers for performance testing.
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