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  • 奈米流體/超音波霧化微量潤滑系統開發與應用智慧化建模方法提升微加工製程之多重品質特性研究與最佳化預測模式建立
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  • National Pingtung University of ScienceTechnology
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  • 先進材料&綠能
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  • 黃惟泰
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  • weitai@g4e.npust.edu.tw
Technical Description This technology's nanofluid/ultrasonic atomization micro-lubrication system is different from the general micro-lubrication technology that uses high-pressure air atomization. It is first to use cavitation characteristics to disperse a small amount of nanofluid into microscopic particleseffectively disperse the bondingagglomeration of nanoparticles due to the Van der Waals force. The second stage of atomization is carried out through high-pressure air. The oil mist particles of the nanofluid can easily enter the micro-machining cutting area for coolinglubrication.
Scientific Breakthrough This technology is the first in the world. It first uses cavitation to disperse the nanofluid. It then uses high-pressure air for the second stage of atomization. The liquid nanofluid can be converted into a gaseous statecan more easily enter the cutting area for coolinglubrication. The detailed design of the ultrasonic atomization system has a special spacer filma double container to avoid the deposition of nanoparticles, which reduces the efficiency of nanofluids. Combining this technology with a variety of intelligent modeling methods can effectively greatly improve the qualitybenefit of various processes.
Industrial Applicability This technical team developed a series of nanofluid micro-lubrication equipment. After years of R&Dimprovementactual verification with several cooperative manufacturers through cooperation plans, it can greatly increase the demand for green manufacturing technology in micromachining. The researchdevelopment results have a substantial effect in reducing the environmental pollution in the industry in terms of green technology to reduce environmental pollution, a large amount of cutting waste liquid recyclingenergy consumption, machine tool cutting fluid pump energy consumption has a significant reduction,also has a substantial contribution to the developmentimprovement of industrial technology.