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  • Three-Dimensional Poly-p-xylylene Porous Structures and Composites
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  • National Taiwan University
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  • 陳賢燁
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  • hsychen@ntu.edu.tw
Technical Description An innovational process is used to create nanoparticles by manipulating the thermodynamics properties, sublimation and deposition, of the gas-phase molecule. Moreover, this process can use in the fabrication of particles with different combination of deposition substances or with various of ingredients. This novel process provides a one-step way to produce the multi-functional particles.
Scientific Breakthrough This innovative process allows us to easily adjust the size of nanoparticles via sublimation and deposition and without using the highly contaminated solvents. Our team demonstrate the formation of special polymer nanoparticles by using this process. This novel process allows us to create the multifunctional nanoparticles combining magnetism, metal properties, and polymer chemical reactivity.
Industrial Applicability This process enables the production of versatile particle device with customizable interior properties. Most importantly, the size of nanoparticles can be easily adjusted via sublimation/deposition process. This innovative process eliminates the need for advanced equipment and complex properties of the fluids. The whole process is time-saving and potential scaling up the production is manageable.