Technical Name Solar Powered Electric Curtains with Light Adjusting Functions
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 許千樹
This technology involves a low temperature printing method to fabricate OPV and LED which are combined as a product of electronic contain.  Unlike the traditional Printed Circuit Board (PCB) processes (ex: Cu lamination, photoresist coating, exposure, development, etching and stripping), this new method offers cheaper and simpler solution. The printing procedure involves two steps: (i) printing the functional materials on the substrate and (ii) sintering to form solid pattern. Two simple processes can replace the complicate PCB six processes.  Moreover, the printing method has following advantages:
1. It reduces large amount of materials and produce no waste during the process. It is an environmental friendly process.
2. More substrates including flexible substrates can be used.
3. It is easy for mass production.
4. It needs low cost manufacture equipment.
Scientific Breakthrough
A low temperature printing and sintering method is used to manufacture the OPV devices and print the circuit for LED on the PET substrate.  A low temperature welding method is also used to mount LED on the substrate.  Both technologies involve new materials breakthrough.
Industrial Applicability
The technology of new curtain system will be significant in construction industry and interior design. The transparent OPV with LED lighting system module will be used on building facade, windows and greenhouses. It is not only reduce most UV and heat form outside, but also control the light intensity indoors.  
Due to the printing procedure of OPV module, the manufacture does not require high energy consumption equipment which is environmental friendly and cost cutting. In the future, the flexible OPV module will aim the market on automobile industry and wearable devices.
Keyword flexible OPV flexible LED electronic curtain
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