Technical Name Atmospheric Pressure Laser Coupling Multiphase Reactive Fluid Green 3D Nano/Micro Direct SynthesisPatterning Technology
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 李明蒼
This innovative green manufacturing technology includes Laser Direct SynthesisPatterning that selectively synthesisdeposit metal fine lines in aqueous solutions,Laser Atmospheric Pressure Plasma which integrates laser with APPJ to deposit Transparent Conductive Oxide patterns on optical substrates. By switching the precursor, a variety of functional materials can be patterned directly on the designated substrate. In the future, customers can print personalized devices in house.
Scientific Breakthrough
This innovative green manufacturing technology uses particle-free aqueous ionic solutions with environmental-friendly solventsreducing agents. Thanks to the effective mass transfer of ions in the aqueous solution, the deposition ratethe utilization of raw materials are greatly improved. The electricaloptical properties of the depositedpatterned functional materials are compatiblesurpassed those fabricated by the state-of-the-arts non-vacuummaskless processes.
Industrial Applicability
This single-step manufacturing technology enables 3D depositionpatterning of designated functional materials selectively on 3D free-formeven flexible substrates. By adjusting the precursor, a variety of functional materials can be applied, leads to the possibility of making the whole device on o single machine. Applications include wearable electronicstransparent optoelectronic devices. Combined with automatic optical inspection technology, it can also be used for circuit repair.
Keyword Green Manufacturing Low thermal budget process Laser Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Circuit repair Circular economy Low carbon economy Transparent conductive film Flexible electronics Wearable devices 3D Electronics
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