Technical Name 攜帶式傳染病分子診斷系統
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 陳建甫
"We present here a portable device with isothermally mediated loop amplification (LAMP) for the diagnosis of infectious diseases.
The main components included (1) roller conveyor, (2) hotplate,(3) temperaturemotion control panels. After mixing all the solutions by rollingsqueezing the sealed compartments, the LAMP strip was heated for 30 min for amplification. Finally, fluorescence results can be read with the naked eyeon a smartphone under the UV lamp. The 700g device is powered by a portable charger, making it easier to detect pathogens in resource-limited environments."
Scientific Breakthrough
This portableeasy operating system possess unique features including (1) the prepared all-in-one strips to avoid complicated pre-treatmentseliminate the professional technicians, (2) small size, lightweight,fully automatic to obtain visualized data (3) the isothermal nucleic acid amplification can be complete in 30 minutes,(4) primers can be easily changed for different pathogens detection.
Industrial Applicability
This portableeasy operating system greatly eliminates the constraint of operating difficulty at the required location. Therefore, contagious patients can be effectively foundcured. In the meantime, the risk of spreading the disease can be managed. High throughput can be achieved by parallel operationrun multiple test strips at once. Moreover, the primers can be replaced for any specific target sequences for other infectious disease diagnoses, food inspection, forensic identification,cancer biomarker monitoring.
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