Technical Name Harvesting power supply system for motorcycle suitcase with lighting function
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 陳建富
This technology combines optical and electromechanical technology to develop a harvesting power supply system with lighting function, which can be easily connected to the motorcycle suitcase, so that the motorcyclesuitcase can be illuminated and powered by USB, and can use solar energy for harvesting.
This technology uses the mechanism design so that it can be easily installed on the suitcase, and the solar panel is installed on the top of the suitcase for harvesting. The internal voltage reduction circuit is used to make the harvesting IC with 5 V process (standby power consumption 0.5 mW ). And the harvested energy is stored in 18650 lithium battery (3.2 V ~ 4.2 V), then use patented LED drive circuit to drive 1W LED lamp for internal lighting, and provide 5V 3A USB power supply with lithium battery using boost circuit with current limit circuit, and with UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out) function to avoid battery over-discharge.
Scientific Breakthrough
1. The standby loss of the harvesting energy system chip is only 500 μW, which can greatly reduce the system loss of low-light energy harvesting.
2. Patented current-limiting LED drive circuit can greatly reduce the system volume and improve system reliability.
3. Special mechanism design, can be easily connected to various suitcases.
Industrial Applicability
It can be used for the sale of optional accessories for motorcycle suitcase vendors, and can be applied to various types of suitcase, which greatly reduces the manufacturer's stocking and research and development costs, and can also be applied to some general suitcase and camping and mountaineering accessories.
Keyword suitcase harvesting solar cell LED lighting camping mountaineering lithium battery USB current limiting driver mobile power
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