• Technical Name
  • 機車行李箱用具照明功能之獵能供電系統
  • Operator
  • National Cheng Kung University Hierarchical Green-Energy Materials (Hi-GEM) Research Center
  • Booth
  • 跨域整合專區
  • Contact
  • 郭梨瑩 博士
  • Email
  • ritakuo@gs.ncku.edu.tw
Technical Description \"This technology uses mechanism design so that it can be easily installed on the motorcycle suitcase,uses solar panels for energy harvesting.The harvesting energy from harvesting IC is stored in the 18650 lithium battery for reuse. The patented LED drive circuit drives a 1W LED lamp with current limiting circuit for internal lighting,provides a 5 V 3 AUSB charging system using a boost current limit circuit for the lithium battery voltage,has an under voltage lockout function to prevent battery over-discharge.\"
Scientific Breakthrough \"1.The standby loss of the harvesting energy system chip is only 500 μW, which can greatly reduce the system loss of low-light energy harvesting.2. Patented current-limiting LED drive circuit can greatly reduce the system volumeimprove system reliability.3. Special mechanism design, can be easily connected to various suitcases.\"
Industrial Applicability It can be used for the sale of optional accessories for motorcycle suitcase vendors,can be applied to various types of suitcase, which greatly reduces the manufacturer's stockingresearchdevelopment costs,can also be applied to some general suitcasecampingmountaineering accessories.