Technical Name Automatic In Vitro Cell Culture Platform
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 黃振煌
The purpose of this technology is to provide an automated in vitro cell culture platform, which drives the cell culture medium to be automatically transmitted between the fluid storage device, the flow channel control panel and the cell culture chip through the fluid-driven unit, to improve the efficiency and stability of the cell culture, to prevent differences in cell culture caused by human manipulation, and can be further applied to related fields such as drug testing. The features of the present technology are: (1) Circulating culture environment suitable for long-term cell culture and differentiation. (2) Controllable culturing procedures for diverse cell types. (3) Foolproof design for tubing connection and platform assembly. (4) Single-use culture chip to be replaced easily and prevent cross-contamination. (5) Changeable culture medium for long-term tissue development. (6) Portable size to be fit in any incubator.
Scientific Breakthrough
This technology successfully uses a unique logic control procedure to perform multi-step automated operations for long-term human bronchial epithelial cell culture and tissue differentiation. No additional manpower is required, only the cell culture medium needs to be changed once a week, and the physiological conditions in the dynamic culture environment are simulated using the perfusion system, resulting in the growth of the tissue at least for 28 days.
Industrial Applicability
The automated cell culture platform can differentiate cells into functional tissues. These tissues can provide advanced pharmacological and toxicological applications to accelerate the development of drugs, and become a platform for in vitro testing of biomedical materials, or for industrial applications such as tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
Keyword cell culture tissue culture cell differentiation automatic culture drug development tissue engineering regenerative medicine toxicity test drug efficacy test biomaterials
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