Technical Name 單一癌細胞之3D球體快速培養及其臨床應用
Project Operator Academia Sinica
Project Host 張瑛芝
R3CE (Rapid, Reproducible, Rare Cell 3D Expansion) is a clinically validated platform capable of generating single cell-derived organoids within one to four weeks. It outperforms currently 3D culture technologies in terms of yields, time to form organoids,easiness of operation. It also demonstrates similar yieldscost structure to 2D culture protocols. R3CE is ready for drug testing for all clinical samplesprovides sufficient quantity of genomic samples derived from cancer patients. It would help conduct clinical cancer treatment in the translational study.
Scientific Breakthrough
3D cell culture technology on the market generally uses a large number of cells to aggregate into spheres. This method can culture primary tissuestem cells, but the yield is low, time-consuming,difficult to operate. While the R3CE cell culture platform, with only a small number of cells, can be derived from single cells into cell spheres within four weeks. With high yields, homogeneous in size, easy access,operation process similar to 2D cell culture experiment, R3CE 3D cell culture platform can directly apply to the drug screening.
Industrial Applicability
The R3CE platform cell culture period is shorteasy to access. It is conducive to entering clinical treatmentassisting doctors in diagnosis. It will advance in conducting clinical treatmentpracticing cancer precision medicineregenerative medicine in the translational study. In addition, the R3CE technology can accelerate clinical modeling. In the short term, it can become a breakthrough in precision medicine. It aims to establish a database to provide a platform for developing biomedicine in the long term.
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Keyword Precision medicine Regenerative medicine. Organoid Tumoroid 3D cell culture Single cell Drug testing In vitro cell culture Patient-derived Xenograft Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis
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