Technical Name microfluidics liquid biopsy single cell phenotype differential system
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 曾繁根
We are the first commercial Patient-Derived Explants (PDEs) platform used for profiling the response assessment and selection to cancer immunotherapy by developed of the single cell functional multi-omics analytical modules. 
If the cellular and molecular properties of the metastatic are seed the same across different tumor types and metastatic sites, a lineage analysis techniques are required to quantify the fraction of single-cell versus multicellular seeds and extensive CTC clusters analyses in order to determine their molecular properties. To provide a total solution, we have developed an automatic CTC scanning system expected that at least three features of the fluor-image and the function of single-cell analysis.
Here we investigated clinical significance of CTM subtypes including single CTCs, multi-CTCs cluster and WBC-CTCs cluster in cancer metastasis and recurrence in patients with lung adenocarcinoma.
Scientific Breakthrough
CTCs cluster have begun to be considered an immunotherapeutic target. We demonstrate a microfluidic platforms here the diagnostic utility of an EpCAM independent CTCs platform in a patient co-hort undergoing PET-CT imaging for lung cancer evaluation. Although many investigators have been interested in using CTCs as prognostics in cancer, including NSCLC, we show that CTM may be a viable diagnostic when added to integrated clinical and imaging data in early-stage disease. The percentage of different CTC clusters subtype is correlated to the different period of immunotherapy. The enumerating CTC clusters could be an important indicator for prognoses the effect of immunotherapy.
Industrial Applicability
We can provide you a total solution tool for reorganization of CTCs clusters and immune cell population, also for the single cell pick-up and living single cell/clusters cultured.
1.For ineffective drug therapy (immunotherapy + chemotherapy) of colon cancer, need a patient derived explant platform developing for drug test and participate grouping, in order to meet the clinical needs of the 40% of patients in the state III & IV.
2.Medical Device (Companion Diagnostics) Market: Immuno Oncology Assays:〜3 Billion
3.RUO research used only Market: 3.5 Billion (flow cytometry in single cell sorting)
4.LDTs Companies Market: Liquid biopsy:〜1.1 Billion
Keyword Patient-Derived Explants Multiomics Immunotherapy drug selection circulating tumor cell circulating tumor microemboli single cell pick up
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