• Technical Name
  • 台灣自製衛星航電,太空探索任務與地面操控系統
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  • 太空科學與科技研究中心
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  • Space technology
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  • 張起維
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  • loren@g.ncu.edu.tw
Technical Description IDEASSat is a 3U CubeSat comprising of self-developed ionospheric payload, electrical power, command & data handling, structural,thermal subsystems, as well as COTS UHF, S-band communications,attitude determinationcontrol subsystems. Following successful integration, test, launch,activation, the returned flight data was used to verify system designworkmanship, providing useful information for design refinements for future NCU spacecraft.
Scientific Breakthrough Spacecraft design is challenging due to the complexity of system integrationthe operational environment. Close to 40 of all academic satellites are dead on arrival after launch. This makes the successful launch, activation,operation of IDEASSat especially meaningful, as is the first spacecraft designed by NCU students. The flight data will aid in design improvements, while also raising NCU-developed subsystems to TRL9,providing students hands on spaceflightsystem engineering experience. This has produced 5 technical reports, 1 SCI paper,3 conference papers.
Industrial Applicability The launchoperation of IDEASSat has shown that the spacecraftground systems have reached TRL9. Downlinked flight data will also aid in further refinement. The self-developed subsystemsspacecraft bus can be spun-off to industry,form the basis for joint developmentrefinement. The NCU team can also contribute their spacecraft design, integration, testing,flight control experience to industry partners interested in developing their own space products, while also producing a new generation of experienced spaceflight professionals for the workforce.