Technical Name Internet of Space Thing CubeSat technology
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 莊智清
The Internet of Space Thing CubeSat technology is an integration of CubeSat busInternet of Space Thing payload. The former is composed of structure/mechanism subsystem, thermal control subsystem, electric power subsystem, communication subsystem, on board computer system,attitude determination/control subsystem. The latter includes an internet of thing transceiver, spaceborne navigation receiver,high precision atomic clock. A system engineering approach is developed to facilitate the integration of the buspayload through a series of tests, launch, operation,in-orbit validation.
Scientific Breakthrough
The proposed technology can be used to realize a node of the space internet. The connectivity, timing,positioning modules are included in the node to facilitate high accuracy in timing (50 ns)positioning (4m) so that all the events of connection can be taggedthe operation of the node can be scheduled to meet constraints on powerlink. To operate in space, the CubeSat bus is designed to provide the needed structure protection, thermal control, power supply, attitude control,interface. A system engineering oriented lean development process is then realized.
Industrial Applicability
As a node in the space internet, many different applications can be envisioned. In addition to facilitate the needs of connectivity in environmental monitoring, the node can be used to deliver encryption keyverification message for cyber security applications. As the node is designed with knowledge of high accuracy timingposition information, different nodes can function together to provide space-based localization service for terminals on ground. The CubeSat bus technology itself can also serve a platform for the verificationvalidation of componentsmodules in orbit to raise the technology readiness levelobtain flight heritage.
Keyword low earth orbiting satellite cube satellite space communication internet of things systems engineering internet of space things nano satellite non-terrestrial network lean satellite system integration
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