• Technical Name
  • 珍珠號-低軌通訊實驗立方衛星
  • Operator
  • National Central University
  • Booth
  • Space technology
  • Contact
  • 趙吉光
  • Email
  • ckchao@jupiter.ss.ncu.edu.tw
Technical Description PEARL is a 6U CubeSat with a Ku/Ka-band Communication Payload (KCP) to provide a high throughput satellite communication networka CIP to monitor connection quality of global satellite communicationsoutage of navigation signals.
Scientific Breakthrough Under timebudget constraints, a 6U CubeSat was proposed for domestic satellite communication industryspace science development. To reduce high power requirements of the regular Ku/Ka-band communication payload, A high accurate attitude determinationcontrol subsystem is used to direct a high gain horn antenna precisely to ground stations instead of high power requirements of a steerable phased array antenna.
Industrial Applicability Taiwan started Beyond 5G LEO communication satellite project in 2021 to encourage domestic companies to develop satellite communication ground equipment to meet the demands from major LEO communication players (like SpaceX, OneWeb, Telesat, Amazon, etc.). An experimental 6U CubeSat with a high throughput Ku/Ka-band communication payloada CIP was proposed to launch at the end of year 2022 as a pathfinderearly test platform of the upcoming Beyond 5G LEO communication satellite for companies (like Pyras Tech. Inc., Rapidtek Tech. Inc., Foxconn Interconnect Tech. Ltd., etc.).