• Technical Name
  • Non-invasive Focused Ultrasound Brain Drug Delivery System
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  • Chang Gung University
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  • 黃瓊瑩
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  • chyinhuang@cgmh.org.tw
Technical Description This technology describes a focusing ultrasound system that employs phase array driving and, with the guidance by neuronavigation, to arbitrary steer the focused ultrasound energy to transcranially deposited at the targeted brain region, to allow the enhanced large molecular penetration into the brain up to 60 folds. The developed technology provides utilization of enhanced drug delivery for indic
Scientific Breakthrough Due to the blockage of blood-brain barrier in the brain, 98 of the therapeutic drugs cannot penetrate into the brain, which makes the treatment of brain diseases difficult. We used phase array focused ultrasound driven technology combined with surgical navigation system, precisely guided the energy to the brain target area. This technology is safe, non-invasiveable to localtemporary ope
Industrial Applicability The results of the “First-in -man” clinical trial demonstrated the safetyefficiency of NaviFUS for BBB opening. As compared with the competitors, NaviFUS is low-cost, time saving, non-invasivepatient-friendly. These advantages make thi technology highly promising in industrialclinical use.